1. Victoria Mabry

    That reminds me of what I was studying this morning in John 14:12-14. Jesus first said, “truly, truly”..which means listen up, this is very important. Then, He said that we will accomplish more and farther-reaching works than He did “because I m going to the Father.”. When He got to the Father, He 1) sent the Holy Spirit and 2) became our Mediator. We have the ability to reach the world for Christ because Jesus is praying for us and the Holy Spirit is working on our behalf. Let us all go, give, and pray that Jesus might be known to the ends of the Earth.

  2. Brandon Scroggins

    Great post as always, I shared it at our big youth night last Thursday…looking forward to being with you guys in February and again in June. Praying for you Brody!

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