1. Brady Rose

    Praying for you and your family Brody. God bless ya man. What a picture of what God did for us in the Gospel. thanks for your example…

  2. You are certainly in our prayers. We are loving all the photos and following along in your journey of adoption. I believe we can all see God’s hand in how smoothly and quickly things seem to have been moving along for you all.

    If you think the language barrier is going to keep JuJu and Mo from understanding why you are leaving and how long you will be gone…and that you are definitely coming back…then maybe a picture illustration would help. Stick figures of all of them there, you on a plane over the ocean, going and then coming back, with sun and moon for days along the way, etc….. Just a thought. Love y’all!!!

  3. Kim Abe

    Have been praying for you and your family. We will miss having Little join you at Hickory Grove student conference, but we are grateful you are able to attend. Looking forward with great anticipation to what God will do in the lives of students! May God grant you safety as you travel and strength for what lies ahead.

  4. Aaron Bond

    Haven’t stopped praying or thinking of you all since y’all left out of D.C.for Uganda and continuing to.

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