Who Wants Ice Cream?

I was riding down Main Street here in my little town of Andrews the other day. I had the kids sitting in the back of the teeny van and was feeling pretty Clark Griswold-ish, when we drove past Party Time. Now, if you don’t know about Party Time, then you have probably never been through Andrews. It is like Cold Stone, Little Caesars, and Blockbuster had a baby, then gave him steroids. It is THE destination for ice cream, pizza and movies in Andrews. But really it is all about the ice cream. I have four words for you… Extreme Moose Tracks Avalanche, baby. Oops, I think that was five words.
So as we drove by I yelled out “Who wants to go to Party Time?!”
In unison, my three kids yelled “ME!”
Duh. Did I really need to ask that question? I already knew the answer. But I just wanted to enjoy sharing the moment with them. I love to hear their hearts ‘desires. Is that not why we pray? I mean, God really already knows what we are going to ask, even before we ask. Jesus said so. But it is more about pouring out our hearts to our father. It is about intimacy. He already knows, but he wants to HEAR from you.
Go ahead. Talk to God. He wants to hear what he already knows. He loves us!