Headed to South Dakota

I am looking forward to traveling to the Great Plains of South Dakota this week to do some bow hunting. I looked at the weather forecast and it is going to be clear, but in the SINGLE DIGITS! I love it! I hope that I will be able to post a picture of a big old buck that I take with my bow. I love being in creation, and appreciating the Glory of God on display. Get outside and enjoy it! I will keep you updated on the trip. I have not been there in a few years, but killed nice buck there a few years back.


I am also excited to have the opportunity to preach to a group of hunters in Mitchell South Dakota while we are there. Pray these men will respond as we challenge them to be the men God would have them to be. I am always grateful for these kinds of opportunities. I will post and update when I get back.



Remembering Nancy


It’s pretty crazy to look at the history of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and the way the Lord has exponentially grown this place. Beginning in 1997, we’ve come a long way—and Nancy McDaniel played a huge role in those formative years.

Nancy began her involvement at SWO on the Board of Directors in the early 2000s, helping to establish the DNA of this ministry. Originally from South Florida, Nancy became one of the first board members to have a hand in the pulse of this ministry. She not only understood the vision and goal of SWO, but she also understood the inner workings delicate nature of the administration side of camp. So much of her ability to understand SWO was due to the fact that she really became one of the first board members to really be involved with everyday life here. Understanding the importance of both ministry and administration in the business world is pretty difficult for most people, but not so for Nancy McDaniel.

Because she had such a heavy involvement with everyday life here at camp, she was able to spear-head the Coop project when we grew too big for our chapel. She wrote grants, talked to donors, and oversaw the project.


Tim Litchfield, our reservations coordinator, remembers Nancy as feisty. He recounted a story in which he and another girl on staff at the time, Amy, were writing a proposal for faster internet in the office. They handed the proposal to Nancy, who confronted them about a week later to discuss it. In Tim’s words, “Nancy let us have it for about 20 minutes letting us know exactly why our proposal wasn’t to be taken seriously.”

Apparently their proposal didn’t measure up to the professional standards of Nancy, so she informed them of all the things they needed to work on before writing another one. She ended the conversation by informing them that despite their best efforts, their plan to get faster internet had been approved.

A week and a half ago, Nancy McDaniel passed away, and Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters grieves her absence. Francis Chan said, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Nancy’s life reflected this quote. She served on the Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters board of directors for a little over 12 years. Although for the past 6 years, her health prevented her from being as involved as she once was, she still remained a part of our Board of Directors, and stayed as connected as was allowed.

Once you’re a part of the SWO staff, you’re family, permanently. We feel her loss here, but we rejoice in the fact that she invested her life in things that were of eternal value.

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and I are incredibly grateful for your love, support, and investment, Nancy.

We will miss you.

Adoption Update

Family photo
The Holloways arrived in Kampala around midnight local time on Feb. 7, met with their attorney first thing and then went to the orphanage. They were immediately given access to spend the day with Juliet (JuJu), shown above in Brody’s arms, and Elliot (pronounced “Ariat”), center of photo in red. They’ve had contact with them each day. They even took them out of the orphanage to hang out and get fresh clothes. JuJu has responded very well. Elliot has been quiet and a little standoffish but is warming up.
Tomorrow is the critical day — their court date.
Here are some things Brody has asked prayer for: (Note: Kampala is 8 hours ahead of EST).
  1. The judge shows up to court (4 a.m. EST).
  2. The dads are found for custody to be granted (one has been located and the driver is confident he will find the other).
  3. Brody and Little will rest in God’s sovereignty over the court proceedings.
  4. The judge will rule in favor and grant custody.
  5. The court and legal process will proceed rapidly (4-5 weeks best case scenario; 6-8 weeks average; 11-12 weeks possible).
  6. Passport, Medical and US Embassy processes go without delay.
  7. Continued safety for the Holloways (including Juliet and Elliot) that they will be steadfast and courageous though it all.

Brody invites you to begin praying at 4 a.m. EST and continue until 11 a.m. If things go as scheduled, these hours will cover the entire court proceeding period. Thanks in advance for your prayers and for your continued love and support of the Holloways.

Joseph: First husband of faith


I heard a pastor say last week, “Joseph was the first person to receive Christ by faith.”  He made the point that Mary received a person-to-person visit from the Angel Gabriel, and then she had a baby human placed in her body.  She knew, but the faith she had was different than that of Joseph.  He had to completely trust in the Word of the Angel of the Lord that this really WAS the Christ child that Isaiah had prophesied would come.  He was the first man of faith in the physical, incarnate, realized Christ.

Matthew says Joseph was a “just” man.  This meant that he loved God’s law, which would have demanded that this child-mother with child, be punished.  To excuse her sexual sin would be to exercise fleshly mercy.  Joseph knew he did not have that authority.  God has said that mercy cannot be without justice.  And Joseph loved justice.  He loved God’s law. But he also loved Mary.  He refused to ignore the just law of God in favor of the love of a human.  He was a just man.  So the conundrum was before him, and he embraced it.

And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly.”-Matthew 1:19

He would preserve justice and preserve Mary.  Joseph shows us grace that has a spine.  But God preserves Joseph.  He gives him a faith through the Word he brings him — that will be the first-ever faith in the incarnate Christ as greater than The Law.  Christ is the fulfillment of The Law that would have demanded Mary’s punishment and Joseph’s action.  The Law was fulfilled in Christ.  He said it himself (Matthew 5:17).  Joseph was the first to believe this.  He was saved by faith, and so in a sense, Mary was saved by Joseph’s faith.  In this faith Christ fulfilled and satisfied the Law, which is exactly what he was coming to do.

He was just a construction worker, who raised a kid he didn’t actually father biologically.  I like this guy.  I can learn a lot from him.

I wanna be the kind of husband and daddy Joseph was.