Mountain Man Field Trip

Tuck and I were able to spend a day in the woods last week, here in the mountains, and we wanted to share a bit of that hunt with you. I let him miss a day of school, so I guess you could call it a mountain man field trip. Tuck took a buck by himself, and we packed it out after walking about three miles from where he made the shot. I cannot emphasize enough to dads to do things with your sons and daughters that they will never forget. Get out of the ordinary. Do something that will make the day you do it, literally, a day they will never forget. In a world of technology, video games, texting and social media, I can tell you that Tuck and I will never forget the smell of fall, the rising sun and fog that morning, the roar of his muzzleloader, the blood trail and recovery after the shot, and the tasty backstraps fried up for supper. Do something soon, Dad, that you and your child will not forget in this lifetime.