And then there were seven.

Leaving court with Orphanage Director Hillary

Leaving court with Orphanage Director Hillary

The amazing outpouring of support through prayers, texts and social media has blown Little and me away.  We are indebted to so many of you and humbled at the size of our extended family in the States.  It has been a blistering pace since we arrived, but things are progressing.  We took the kids to a local clinic today for checkups, and they are both being treated for worms, parasites and bacterial infections.  They will fit right in at SWO!

Thursday and Friday will be important days as we meet with the lawyer to discuss documentation issues.  Much prayer will be needed, so please keep it up.  We are not surprised that it is working!  The prayer of the righteous has much power.  God’s people are driving this whole thing, and we are grateful.

Tuck telling Mo to man up during his physical

Tuck telling Mo to man up during his physical

We have learned much more of JuJu and Mo’s story, and it is truly an act of God’s grace that he is bringing them out of it.  They come from a background of severe abuse and neglect and suffer from pretty intense complications from malnutrition.  They are responding so well to our family, and our biological three have been an amazing asset.

One quick story for now:

When we were in the courtroom (six hours in a 90-degree room), the judge asked JuJu if she had the choice, would she go back to the orphanage or back with her great-grandmother or go with us. She pointed straight at Tuck, without hesitation.  I cried.  The judge then made her biological father pick her up, look at her, and tell her that he didn’t want her and that he couldn’t support her so he was giving her away to us.  He told her to be a good girl.  It was heart wrenching.  I think Little wanted to throw blows with the biological father, and I wanted to let her, only I was broken for this man’s sin and spiritual need.  We are trusting God to heal JuJu through Gospel love in our home.

Thank you all for loving Planet Holloway so well.


  1. Amy Crist

    I am so encouraged by watching God’s plan unfold… So very excited for ya’ll:). Prayers will continue to go up for all of you.

  2. Quintell

    Brody man it’s been a journey and all GLORY goes to HIM……. We are praying for that second adoption now brother. I love you man!

  3. Alexis Brubaker

    This is so powerful. God is mighty and wonderful. I have always wanted to adopt and your story has been such an inspiration. By allowing God to work through you, you are making a MUCH better life for two children in desperate need and teaching your biological children a lesson of love and grace that they will never forget. God Bless!

  4. Haley Zimmerman

    Definitely praying for you guys in this process! As always, thank you for being so open and sharing the story of the beautiful children you are adopting. I’ve been sharing this with my fiance and we are excited for you and for the thought of possibly adopting our own children one day. It’s very inspiring and humbling to hear your experience. Love you Holloway family!

  5. Wallace

    We are so excited for you guys and are continuing to pray. Its been really cool to share what is going on with Kimby. She is trying to understand why JuJu doesn’t have a family. She is super excited to meet her new friend.

  6. Brent Burke

    I’ve been incredibly encouraged by watching all this unfold via social media. I hope things continue to go well with doctors and lawyers. You’re a wonderful family and that encourages me to want to be a good dad.

  7. My heart is so overwhelmed! It is all God’s plan that is being carried out. I love all of you so much and am praying for things to go smoothly and for you all to get home really soon. The story of JuJu pointing to Tuck has made me cry-it’s awesome. I love you all so much

  8. Mike Smith

    This is such wonderful news! I hope all goes well and you’ll be home soon! I have a feeling weather shock is coming!! 🙂

  9. Nana and G

    I am so thankful for your heart for these to precious children, I am sitting her sobbing as I think of the compassionate comment you made toward the biological father who did not deserve your compassion but because of the grace of God in your own life you are able to see his sin filled need for our Savior. You are a special man Brody Holloway with a truly special family. Can’t wait to meet and spoil these 2 new additions to your family as I have your other 3 for 6 years now. Love you all very much and praying God speed to get you all home, BTW..God woke me at 1:30am this morning to pray specifically for your safety…prayed God would surround your family with His mighty angel warriors for safe keeping. Love Nana

  10. Michelle Nicely

    The Nicely’s are praying and are beyond excited for you but especially for JuJu and little man!
    What a beautiful picture of the gospel to all!!! Big hugs to you all!!!
    Cant wait to squeeze those babies!!

  11. The Hyde's

    You guys are so amazing and always a blessing! We are praying for you all and those babies…..they don’t know what kind of crazy family they just became a part of. LOL Be safe!

  12. penderbutt

    Before i was engaged i knew about Christ’s love for us, His Bride, but when Racheal accepted my proposal and i entered that covenant with her, i experienced for the first time a relational comprehension of what it means to love a bride sacrificially.
    The same was true the first time we had children: I experienced a father’s love for a child, one that i know about and fully believed of Father God, but finally had a much deeper comprehension of that love.
    I imagine you experienced the same phenomenon with Little and Kilby. Now with Juju and Elliot, i can only imagine you are again crossing from a sincere belief in our adoptive status with Abba into an experiential understanding of what Abba was willing to do to ransom us from our depravity.
    We can only speculate what future awaited these two souls had they not been adopted by the Holloways. They were chosen (elected) and destined for adoption as hiouses (not mere teknons). This process would not have happened without you orchestrating it (sovereignty), but somehow also in courtroom where Juju pointed to the family she wants to be with (free will) was an essential part of her adoption. And though not to the eternal degree that we know in salvation, but somehow like God giving us this Spirit of adoption, so now Juju and Elliot will not have to grow up in the sins of their fathers, falling into a life of abuse, neglect, malnourishment, following the societal norms of promiscuity, deception, greed, and corruption, drunkenness. Now as a family, the Holloway family of seven gets to raise an Ebenezer in the midst of all the paperwork and politics, one that says this is how far Juju and Elliot have come, and there is no turning back. Then they be raised in a family bent on serving the Lord and seeking Him. Juju and Elliot will no doubt learn of His Gospel and His heart for the nations. It is a remarkable thing that, though i have never experienced in the natural world, i can only imagine this earthly adoption will greatly deepen your understanding of your own adoption into the family of Abba God.

  13. Joanna Kimes Johnson

    Been following your adoption story for a whole! So incredibly overwhelmed with God’s love and goodness just reading this. Continuing to pray for your family! Thank you for sharing your story but even more for rescuing those beautiful babies!

  14. Aunt Audria

    I am so proud of you guys. You have your work cut out for you but God has equipped you both with all the tools you need. MAinly an abundance of Love! A great Valentines for your family!

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