1. Praising the Lord for his faithfulness to you all, Brody! I love how the Lord not only calls us to something, asks us to sacrifice for it, but also gives us the heart to do so….what an awesome God we serve!

    Continuing to pray for complete provision, peace, and direction.

    Love you guys.
    Christie, Quintell, and Moriah Hill

  2. Victoria Mabry

    As you are all blown away by watching the Lord work in all areas of this adoption, I am blown away by your family and other Snowbird families who, although you already have a houseful of your own kids, sacrificially seek to adopt more children into your homes. It is awesome to see your children, who you have faithfully taught from the Scriptures, eagerly await these strangers from strange lands to make them their brothers and sisters. In this day and age when adults, teens, and children are mostly selfishly seeking their own pleasures and desires, it is refreshing to see the transforming power of the Holy Spirit at work in Christian homes in such a powerful way. I pray that all of the logistics are worked out quickly and smoothly so that these two precious boys can soon become a part of the Holloway nation where they are sure to be raised up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

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